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Mr. Trump: The media is no longer your friend

Dear Mr. Trump, Apparently you didn’t get the memo – the one that told you the difference between competing in the primaries and running in the general election. Here’s the bottom line: you are now facing off against Hillary Clinton, and the media is no longer in your corner.

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The Battle of the Brands Isn’t Trump v. Clinton, It’s Trump v. Obama

President Obama and Donald Trump have this in common: both have created a personal brand that tops achievement and defies critics. Obama’s appealing image has won him high approval ratings, in spite of multiple administration scandals and a solid record of underachievement. For Trump, a powerful brand has made him a contender, against all odds.

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Brexit stuns world and delivers message: Hillary Clinton should pay attention

Liz | Friday, June 24, 2016 - 1:17 pm

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