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Liz Peek: Schumer’s “better deal”: Recycling Obama’s failed economic policies won’t boost Democrats

If you don’t succeed at first, fail and fail again. Democratic congressional leaders who seem to be pursuing that strategy trotted out a series of failed solutions Monday to problems that only worsened under the Obama administration. They mislabeled their absurd plan “A Better Deal.”

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Five Good Reasons Trump’s Agenda Is a Win for America

Republicans living in blue states admit their support for President Trump in hushed asides, the kind of whispered confidences that in gentler times would have confessed financial difficulties or divorce. It’s craven, but especially during the most tumultuous periods, like last week, it’s draining to defend the Commander in Chief.

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Here’s Why Trump Should Forget the Wall and Push for E-Verify

Liz | Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - 7:10 am

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